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Cuba Green Tourist Card

(563 customer reviews)


All non-US travelers can use Green Tourist Cards as long as they are traveling to Cuba from (or via) a non-US airport.

They are valid for visits of up to 90 days and can be used within 180 days of issuance. It’s possible to extend the Tourist Card for an extra 30 days (90 for Canadian citizens).

563 reviews for Cuba Green Tourist Card

  1. English

    Rebecca Hope

    Incredibly fast friendly service and despatched within hours! An amazing site to use 🙂

  2. Spanish

    OLGA H.

    Excelente servicio, muy rápido, sencillo y seguro, hemos ahorrado tiempo y dinero. Han contestado todos mis correos muy pronto. Altamente recomendable

  3. Spanish

    Ruben Munoz Cabezas

    Todo bien y muy rápido, 2 dias y recibido

  4. English


    Muy satisfecho por el pedido, también el periodo de envío

  5. English

    Sophie Martin

    Je recommande fortement la carte touristique verte d’ici. Ils expédient à l’international, il n’y a donc aucun problème de localisation.

  6. English

    Magdi Ali

    You doing good Jobs helping me.helps my people’s from sudan so thanks so much

  7. English

    Zakaria Alhinai

    Really good company and they are helping

  8. English



  9. English

    Amalia Moraleda Roig

    The card was accepted at the airport, and the customer service was very helpful when we had questions.

  10. English

    Paul K.

    excellent as usual

  11. English

    Mette Larsen

    my flight did not include tourist card so I ordered here. Good purchase

  12. English

    Manuel Millán Alonso

    Very Expensive

  13. English

    Ramon Paraíso

    Fantástico trabajo. En dos días, los documentos en casa. Recomiendo mejorar la web pero los trámites han sido excelentes.

  14. English


    this website is really helpful!

  15. English

    Victoria O.

    The time and the shipping was very good. The price, I think, a bit too expensive.

  16. English


    Rapido, en dos dias estaba en mi casa. Lo recomiendo

  17. English


    Efficent, rapid, easy to buy

  18. English

    smorter giremal

    Attractive section of content.

  19. English

    Jules Fournel

    in good condition

  20. English


    A still haven’t received nothing

    • English

      Customer Service

      Hello Miguel!

      Your delivery is currently in transit. You may reach out via our customer service for any concerns.

  21. English

    Jesus Guerrero Sanchez

    Todo rápido,2 días, perfecto.

  22. English



  23. English

    Astrid Vereecken

    Perfect and fast, thank you!

  24. English

    Jesús Ramírez Pérez.

    Es un buen servicio ya que uno cuenta con su visa o permiso para poder entrar al país que deseas

  25. English


    Easy and fast to acquire the card.

  26. English

    Giulia Fagiani

    convenience with this website! easy process

  27. English

    Corina Lucia Pintea

    Absolutely incredible fast delivery. Ordered yesterday, delivered today. Thank you a lot. Great work.

  28. Spanish

    Miguel M.

    Fast but little expensive

  29. English

    Serge BELL Engamba MBIDA

    Je suis très surpris et a même temps content et fier du service express de sur l’obtention de ma carte Visa touriste. J’ai passé ma commande le 17 Avril , et le 19 je l’ai déjà. Vraiment, bravo encore à EASYTOURISTCARD.

  30. English

    Serge BELL

    Bonsoir je viens de commander ma carte touriste pour Cuba , mais je n’ai pas vu de pannel où on remplit les informations personnelles. J’espère que sa ne va pas déranger à l’entrée. Merci de m’éclairer s’il vous plaît .vu que je l’ai commandé pour mon frère et je m’attendais à ce qu’il ai une page pour information personnelle.

    • English

      Store Manager

      Hello Serge!

      We sent you an email regarding your inquiry. Thank you!

  31. English


    I was charged but haven’t received the delivery and there has been a lack of response to my emails to enquire where my package is with the card.

    • English

      Store Manager

      Hello Carol!

      We sent you an email regarding your inquiry. Thank you!

  32. English

    Mariam Pérez Rodríguez

    Todo, genial con respecto al producto, solo encuentro un poco caro el importe por el servicio de entrega

  33. Spanish

    Juan N.

    Speedy and efficient!

  34. English

    Jose luis Carreño gonzalez

    Es importante que dependiendo del origen del cliente la informacion sea en el idioma que corressponda al y que cumplabn con los plazos ofresidos

  35. English


    Perfecto, en una semana estaba en casa mediante el servicio de UPS

  36. Spanish

    José arian Illa ibañez

    Excelente servicio!

  37. Spanish


    Eficaz, rápido y sencillo

  38. English

    zoritoler imol

    you have a great website here

  39. English


    Very convenient and fast service

  40. English


    shipping fee is a little expensive

  41. Spanish


    Muy eficiente el servicio

  42. English


    Although very easy, the postage was one and a half times the price of the visa itself. Will make me learn for next time as I could have got it from the Cuban Embassy here in Australia for much less. Oh well. Travelling is about lessons.

  43. English


    A bit higher pricing than other companies but very reliable, fast, and owner communicates through email within 1 hour of inquiry! This is our 3rd year ordering with the company! 5 star rating with our group!

  44. Spanish

    Julian G.

    Fast and effective

  45. English

    Anna Palanta

    Everything was smoth, just one confusion with our first payment which was declined from our bank. The communication was perfect.

  46. English

    Javier Pera

    Me ha satisfecho que la tarjeta del turista ha llegado muy rápido. El coste de envío es un poco alto. Se entiende, no obstante, ya que el servicio es muy profesional

  47. English


    No comprendo, he comprado por 35 euros y me sale un total de 63

  48. Spanish


    Fácil y rápido

  49. English

    Michelle O.

    Seamless, hassle-free, very responsive, clear instructions, fast shipping, RELIABLE SERVICE!

  50. English


    35 Euro for a Tourist Card seems to be fair from my point of view. I ordered two of them. These costs may be relatively high in other countries.
    I am pleased, and like always, it could cost less 🙂
    On the other hand, I do not understand why this document must be purchased in advance. It could be purchased at the port of entry. Of course this means that migration offices in the port of entry would need Payment Hardware and que build up can be expected.

  51. English

    Diana Pascal

    I received me visa so quickly. Thank you.

  52. English

    Beatriz F.

    Excelente servicio

  53. English


    Bien excepto el precio del envío. ¿28 euros por enviar un sobre? ¿Qué lo envían… en limusina?

  54. English

    Simon Van Breusegem

    I got confused while trying to place an order at first

  55. English


    Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually know what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Please also visit my site =). We could have a link exchange arrangement between us!

  56. English

    Alazne Lete Menendez

    I received my tourist card via UPS

  57. Spanish



  58. English

    Miryam Carolina Pintado Bacuilima


  59. Spanish

    Jose T.

    Pedí una visa turística para Cuba un dia a las 22h y la tenia en casa en 36h, antes del plazo que se dan de margen. Un poco caro el servicio pero ante la urgencia, responden.

  60. English

    Claudia Honorio

    I’ve been checking out this website and it did not disappoint

  61. English


    Recibimos nuestras visas en menos de una semana. Lo unico digamos malo es el cargo por la paqueteria

  62. English

    Silvina N.

    Overall, my experience with EasyTouristCard was positive. I recently purchased a Cuban visa and insurance through their agency. The process was smooth, and I received the visa within approximately 24 hours while I was in Italy, which was incredibly convenient.

    However, there was a hiccup in the process that left me slightly dissatisfied. After I had already made the payment, EasyTouristCard reached out to inform me that because I am an Argentinian resident currently traveling in Italy, I would need to pay an additional fee for the insurance, or they would refund my money. This unexpected request for extra payment after the initial transaction left me feeling somewhat frustrated and inconvenienced.

    Despite this issue, I must commend EasyTouristCard for their efficient handling of the visa issuance and their responsiveness in communication. If not for the unexpected additional charge, my experience would have been flawless. Moving forward, I hope they can streamline their processes to ensure clarity and transparency regarding any potential extra fees, avoiding any surprises for future customers.

  63. English

    Jacques B.

    They really deserve the name EasyTouristCard. Easy purchase and shipping on time

  64. English


    Really impressed. Had a couple of queries which were resolved quickly by email, and the docs arrived within 24 hours. Excellent service.

  65. English

    عبد الحميد جادو

    Service excellent et rapide pour la deuxième fois. Merci beaucoup

  66. English


    Parfait! Rien a dire

  67. English

    Adrià Ruiz Ferré

    shipping fees for generating a tourist card were expensive I can’t ignore that but still I received my order al lgood

  68. English

    Kattia Michelle Martinez Domingez

    Feedback on such positive experience on Cuba!

  69. English

    Amaia Anuzita Gallent

    interactions with immigration authorities and the overall efficiency of the entry procedures is a straight forward and smooth process

  70. English

    Antonio Mestre torrens

    Do I need a stamp on the card?

    • English

      Arlene Tan

      Hello Antonio!

      You don’t need a stamp on the card. Simply fill out the card and show it to the airlines.

  71. English

    Pedro Domínguez González

    It is important that all info are correct so they can generate your tourist card fast

  72. English

    carlos rodriguez andres

    Muy Satisfecho

  73. English

    Elvio Ciarla

    good work

  74. Spanish

    Daniel Sánchez Tadeo

    Todo perfecto y en el momento adecuado

  75. English

    Jamar A.

    It was confusing on what card to get according to a pop up notification. Other than that. It was very helpful that I could actually contact and get clarification from the team. I would def recommend again just for that!

  76. English


    Fantastic Service and prompt responses when needed

  77. English

    Ricardo Leon

    payment process was secure and safe

  78. English

    Claire Clark

    100% customer satisfaction!

  79. English

    Meena Kumari

    customer support was helpful! Definitely deserves a raise

  80. English

    Maximiliano Gastón Balzarini

    I suggest for the website to also offer a step by step process of what to do when we arrive at the airport

  81. English

    Paula Rodriguez Garcia

    customer support team helped me choose what card is right

  82. English



  83. English

    Oreoluwa Olubode

    Kudos to everyone!

  84. English

    Konstantinos Papacharalampous

    well customer service also offers direct link incase transactions are not allowed by the bank or encountering issues!

  85. English

    Sandra Albert Colomer

    been trying to work out all requirements for my trip and this saved me time

  86. English

    David O.

    Had some mixups at my end. Got patience and help sorting things out and am very happy with the results.

  87. English

    John S.

    Efficient purchase but expensive postage and delivery.

  88. English

    Víctor G.

    Fácil y rápido

  89. English

    Francisco Zhang Wang

    entering will require passports, proof of accommodation, or other supporting documents except the tourist card. The cards are well received

  90. English

    Oscar Alfredo Pinela Cabrera

    Swift responses definitely contribute to a positive customer service experience.

  91. English

    Mauricio Carrillo

    been stressing out a bit on where to get the cards glad I saw this website

  92. English

    Beatriz Rodriguez Flores

    customer service helped in resolving my concerns about the tourist card

  93. English

    Tallin Gregoire


  94. English

    Anna Lopez Castells

    Used the card for my trip. Worth the wait

  95. English

    Yolanda Parra

    responsive customer service representatives

  96. English


    Easy, simple and quick

  97. English

    Raul Villarroya

    affordable service and quick!

  98. English

    Ricardo Casares

    the card served its purpose effectively.

  99. English

    Urtzi Gorostiola

    my overall impression is positive!

  100. English

    Oumaima Qasmi

    Thank you always

  101. English

    Mary Lowndes

    Great products

  102. English

    Mikel Sáenz de santamaría bello

    Un poco caro pero llega muy rapido

  103. English

    Julia Bolta

    No problem everything

  104. English

    Martin P.

    Super fast!

  105. English

    Albert Olivas Hugas

    Well done!

  106. English


    Me parece caro

  107. English

    Alessandro Mucci


  108. Spanish

    Raquel Hernández Gómez

    I paid for my tourist Insurance (1 week) but I have not received and aI don’t have an email where I can request it

  109. English

    Jorge Miguel Fernández

    Card was safely delivered

  110. English

    Joanne P.

    It arrived very quickly but postage is extremely expensive

  111. English



  112. English

    Yolanda Pedrero Martin

    It made my trip so much smoother. Highly recommend

  113. English

    Jorge Miguel Fernández

    I encountered helpful staff when purchasing the tourist card. Easy to understand

  114. English

    Alicia Ramón Bernal

    I needed my tourist card urgently, and your team delivered it swiftly. I couldn’t be happier with the service.

  115. English

    Julia Bolta

    I really hope their shipping options would be available to other countries too!

  116. English

    Andrea Garcia Gracia

    I found the instructions on the tourist card clear and straightforward. Good job

  117. English

    Salvador Roca Gómez

    I haven’t received the package yet.
    They didn’t ask me for passport number so I am concern if this will be useful for me when travelling.

    Can I have a clarification?

    Thank you.

  118. English

    Flavio Bezerra Santiago

    Minha viagem é amanhã a noite e ainda não recebi

  119. English

    Ole Hellerup

    Good information and fast, safe delivery

  120. English


    I got good info from your blog

  121. English

    Marc Marti

    Your customer service team nails it!

  122. English

    Iker Martinez

    I had a query about the tourist card, and the customer support I received was prompt and helpful!

  123. English

    Jose Lopez

    the tourist card held up well. Its advised to have the card with you at all times

  124. English

    Amagoia Otaola Agote

    It’s a better deal compared to others I’ve tried

  125. English

    Esteve Rodriguez Delgado

    It’s great to see a company that values its customers and provides opportunities to save on costs

  126. English

    Laura Hernández

    They often have discounts or promotions that make shipping even more affordable! Glad to see it

  127. English

    Naika Suarez

    Clear instructions and information made it easy for me to understand

  128. English

    Marta Maria Forgas Torres

    Personally, I would have appreciated the option to apply for or purchase the tourist card online. It is so convenient!

  129. English

    Maya Sewpersad

    While their standard shipping rates are reasonable, I’ve noticed a lack of more affordable options, especially for smaller or lighter packages. Like me for example I only need 1 card which is 1 piece of paper yet the fee is still the same compared with heavier loads

  130. English

    José María Silva

    cost is clear from the beginning. glad that there are no additional charges except for the shipping and card cost

  131. English

    zoritoler imol

    Way cool, some valid points! I appreciate you making this article available, the rest of the site is also high quality. Have a fun.

  132. English


    Do not ship to most African countries. Shipping to US,address was incredibly slow. 5 business days total.

  133. English

    Alvaro Picazo

    I’ve been consistently pondering about their shipping services to be cost-effective. I ordered for our group so in our case we saved a lot!

  134. English

    Viviana Godoy

    The cost of the tourist card seemed reasonable to me, considering its significance for entering Cuba

  135. English

    Sonia Sánchez

    Kudos for keeping it user-friendly

  136. English

    Alicia Bodas

    shipping services have generally been affordable but sometimes UPS have lots of issues!

  137. English

    Greg J.

    Excellent service. Documents arrived within 32 hours of ordering!

  138. English

    Naika Suarez

    Clear instructions and information made it easy for me to understand the requirements and adhere to the necessary guidelines.

  139. English

    Albert Olivas Hugas

    Having it ready before arrival lessened my worry through immigration

  140. English

    Laura Bellod Santos

    Definitely met my expectations in terms of accessibility, affordability, and ease of use.

  141. English

    Maya Sewpersad

    While their standard shipping rates are reasonable, I’ve noticed a lack of more affordable options, especially for smaller or lighter packages. Like me for example I only need 1 card which is 1 piece of paper yet the fee is still the same compared with heavier loads . Just hoping for more flexible rates

  142. English

    Arturo Quílez Maimón

    I had all the necessary information for a smooth entry basing on their webpage!

  143. English

    Patricia Garcia martinez

    the initial stages of my trip were stress-free. I had my tourist card, insurance, flight , and everything else needed!

  144. Spanish


    Lo necesitaba urgentemente y me llego

  145. Spanish


    Fácil y rápido.

  146. English

    Emicenio Rodríguez Tapia

    Visa de visita a Canadá

  147. English

    Ainhoa Irantzu Aguirre Merino

    Cuban Tourist card is a must-have for anyone exploring Cuba. It is usually needed at airlines before entering the country.

  148. English

    Melody Pérez López

    This Cuban tourist card is a game-changer for anyone planning to visit Cuba, I suggest getting one in advance in case there are any delays in the shipping or change in flight. It is better to be preappred than sorry

  149. English

    Oreste Salavaggione

    Affordable tourist cards

  150. English

    Albin S.

    simple to understand service site, fast shipping, will use service again

  151. English

    carmen bonet

    it is very good also have instructions

  152. English

    Carmen Botía Martínez

    Satisfaction without overpaying

  153. English

    Evaldo S.

    The site is very easy to shopping and really good comunicacion with the staff.

  154. English

    Jaime Reinoso Tellaeche

    I’m really happy with my purchase

  155. English

    James Weber

    Purchased this Green card first, then the pink card, as yet only one day ago and of course have not received either. I asked to cancel the green card and refund my purchase price. I also purchased the insurance as a good measure hoping never to have to use it..Actually it as so inexpensive compared to other similar plans available so it was good value.. I await to see if I am actually going to receive a credit for the green card I will never use..
    I am blogger and will mention the good service EasTouristCard if it does happen to be so…

  156. Spanish


    This article exceeded my expectations, thank you.

  157. English

    Carla Nuñez Cerda

    Muchas gracias por su pronta atencion

  158. English

    Raul Villarroya

    The green Cuban tourist card is as important as your passport. Quite affordable

  159. Spanish

    Carla Núñez Cerda

    Rápida atención

  160. Spanish

    Carla Núñez Cerda

    Rápida y buena información

  161. English

    Uxue Palacios

    expensive but the cards were well delivered

  162. English

    Jon Perez

    Finding an affordable service that I truly admire is a rare discovery. It makes the experience all the more memorable.

  163. English

    Maria ayllon

    The green color of the Cuban tourist card is distinct and easy to spot in your travel documents. It’s a small but significant part

  164. English

    Jasmeet Khosa

    the travel insurance along with the card was superb! I don’t have to worry about looking for another purchase

  165. English

    Sara López Díez

    Thank you so much!

  166. Spanish


    Servicio Rapido con UPS

  167. English

    Marta Wojtczuk

    I really suggested this for my friends! Looking forward to my Cuban Trip

  168. English

    Patricia Cuervo

    it is expensive given that its only a piece of paper but I suggest having others order together as well to save on some fees

  169. English

    Bernardo Henriquez

    This service not only meets but exceeds my expectations considering the price.

  170. Spanish

    Antonio W.

    todo ok pero aún no me ha llegado

  171. English

    Pablo Cuende Talavera

    Thank you for your help and support

  172. English

    Iciar Ciordia Laparra

    I recently used the Easy Tourist Card on my trip to Cuba.+ and it made my journey so much smoother

  173. English

    Ricardo Leon

    Fast and efficient

  174. English

    Benjamin Alexis Gremaud

    As a solo traveler, I felt completely at ease once I got my card. I was actually afraid that the airlines are not selling anything.

  175. English

    Antonio Juan Fernández

    My experiences with your customer service team have been consistently positive

  176. English

    Enzo Piquero Moreno

    The webpage is really helpful it helps travelers make an informed decision

  177. English

    MARK Clark

    It hasn’t arrived yet

  178. English

    Isabela Alejandra Tejera Perdomo

    Very good service … very fast and easy. They just give us facilities. High recomended

  179. English

    María Sol Manzano Arellano

    adventure ahead!

  180. English

    Montserrat Garcia vidal

    great and affordable

  181. English

    Pablo Martínez Jiménez

    I had no trouble purchasing my Easy Tourist Card online

  182. English

    Athina Tsimpiktsioglou

    In today’s fast-paced world, it’s refreshing to see a company that values timely responses.

  183. English


    Ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived the next monday. The only thing is that the shipping is too expensive, it’s ridiculous to pay 28euro just for the shipping.

  184. English

    Millán Toribio Rivera

    Your dedication to excellence in serving and shipping orders as quick as possibly is so nice

  185. English

    Carlos Vélez Estevan

    I can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed with this company. Saw that there were numerous countries they can ship to

  186. English

    Guillermo Zarate Ercilla

    I want to express my gratitude to the Easy Tourist Card team for making my vacation stress-free. I used the cards properly and enjoyed the trip

  187. English

    Julie Howson

    I had a minor issue with my Easy Tourist Card, but the support team was incredibly responsive and helped me resolve it quickly. Great customer service

  188. English

    Paul M.

    Flawless and reliable as allways

  189. English

    Marta Del Saz Sanchez

    I was pleasantly surprised by how fast my order arrived! I ordered my tourist card, and it was at my doorstep in no time. Great service <3

  190. English

    Esteve Rodriguez Delgado

    responds very fast

  191. Spanish


    Tramite sencillo y el envío fue muy rápido

  192. English

    Alicia Bodas

    Provides feedback as soon as a customer makes an inquiry

  193. English

    Laura Balaguer Hernández

    A go to website for tourist cards! Definitely suggested

  194. English

    Laura Bellod Santos

    Good work! I received my cards with no issues

  195. English

    Guillem Renau Cruixent

    guides customers through the process of solving their concerns.

  196. English

    Patricia Garcia Martinez

    Handles queries very well!

  197. English

    Marta Maria Forgas Torres

    feedback is given in a timely and constructive manner.

  198. English

    Jose Lopez

    You excel at serving your customers. Thanks a lot!

  199. English

    Lara Lorenzo Moreno

    I like the idea that everything is stated on the page

  200. English

    Naika Suarez

    Information regarding the product was very useful

  201. English

    Steve Estevao Cordeiro

    Affordable services! International shipping is a +++ score!

  202. English

    Juan Muñoz Menendez

    Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but the convenience you receive in return is absolutely worth it.

  203. English

    Vivana Godoy

    You’re company is really good at following up with the clients so as to ensure that they are updated!

  204. English

    carolina altuna

    La verdad que dudaba mucho si realmente seria factible esta página pero superó todas mis expectativas. Muchísimas gracias!

  205. English

    Victor Araujo Salvador

    I don’t mind paying a little extra for shipping fee when I know I’m getting the cards fast

  206. English


    It’s refreshing to see a team that genuinely cares about making customers experience convenience when ordering tourist cards

  207. English

    Nil Redón Orriols

    Efficient at serving their customers. the card arrived in good condition

  208. English

    Ignacio Benito Urquijo

    it’s a case of ‘you get what you pay for. Card is in good condition. Also has a slip for instructions

  209. English

    Nils Postma

    Kudos to the staff for consistently delivering good service. Although I find the shipping fee a bit pricey

  210. English

    Michael Van Arragon

    From the warm greetings to the attention to detail, it’s evident that they prioritize customer satisfaction!

  211. English

    Nika Darsalia

    I was initially hesitant about the prices, but after receiving it I’m glad I got it on time

  212. English

    Vicente Yerro

    If you appreciate good service, this is the place to be. All concerns can be relayed through their customer service

  213. English

    José María Silva

    definitely met our expectations. Glad that the delivery did not take too long

  214. English

    Alvaro Picazo

    Makes efforts to follow up with most customers to ensure they are satisfied

  215. English

    Ricardo Casares

    This company is good at focusing on what customers need and require. FAQs and visa information are all here

  216. English

    Vivana Godoy

    This company is really good at following up with the clients so as to ensure that they are updated!

  217. English


    The tourists cards still haven’t arrived to my clients – I ordered it on their behalf to have them sent directly to them due to time constraints. Tracking states delayed, as far as I can tell still in Europe since 6 September 2023. I’d love to be able to get it to them ASAP. Please advise how to – Orsolya Bartalis

  218. English

    Md Nazrul Islam

    I saved a lot on shipping costs for our group!

  219. English

    Dora Luque Raya

    Cards were received and delivered right at my doorstep

  220. English

    Alvaro Fuentes

    definitely knows how to handle a customers concern. This company is very flexible and tries to cater well so don’t hesitate to send an email!

  221. English

    Maya Sewpersad

    clearly outlined the steps needed in the simplest way possible

  222. English

    Amandeep Singh Gill

    Received the cards. Don’t expect the card to be very thick. It is a simple paper slip and also came with instructions

  223. English

    Jose Penades

    Looking forward to use the cards on my trip. It came with a paper slip for instructions and easy to understand.

  224. English

    Miguel Angel Garcia Alvarez

    good review and good service for this website. The price of the card was stated on their front page and their also a separate for shipping costs. Their rate depends on the country.

  225. English

    Yueshiqi Gao

    Alert response to any queries

  226. English

    Miren Manias

    very response customer service

  227. English

    Angelo Saracino

    I bought two cards and all were in good condition

  228. English

    Fátima Valencia Agudo

    Saw this website via affiliate link and glad it works

  229. English

    Silvia Gomez

    I applaud this website for delivering exceptional service

  230. English

    Ruben Galdeano

    I appreciate the offering of international shipping

  231. English

    Jesus Bernal

    I highly recommend ordering in advance for less hassle during th trip. Shipping costs are pricey for other countries but cheaper on some.

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    Álvaro Bernal García

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    Por favor. ¿Alguien puede decirme si las tarjetas se rellenan con los datos a bolígrafo?

    • English

      Page Administrator

      Hello Mariela, we ship empty tourist cards along with instructions on how to fill them. You may fill the cards using a pen.

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    Why don’t we have the choice of currency to pay ?

    • English

      Customer Service

      You can change the currency at the upper right corner of the homepage.

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    Worth the wait. Service takes about a week to arrive

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    William Ray

    this page deserves to be shared to other travelers! Cuba is a nice country to travel to and getting the cards here is convenient

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    time efficient

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    good for the price

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    Good service and the price is agreeable for me

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    outstanding job, I placed an order for my group and everything arrived well

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    Promotes convenience for us travelers

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    the card is very useful at the airport

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    VIsa is handy and convenient

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    great help

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    I really love this website! So responsive and helpful

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    Awesome customer service!

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    Cards are well packaged and comes with a manual

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    Oliver Braslin

    it was so easy to obtain the Cuban Tourist Card!

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    Such a helpful service I found online.

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    Júlio Santos

    Serviço Impecável, Rápido e Eficiente na sua melhor expressão. Fiz a encomenda a 22 de Março (06 : 43) e hoje, 23 de Março (13:16) ou seja, 31 horas depois, a minha encomenda dava entrada na minha caixa de correio no Baixo Alentejo – Portugal. Parabéns!

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    Beatriz Collado Rodriguez

    The card is exactly the same one as what’s shown on the website. thanks

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    Ordering ahead is so convenient for my travels

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    I would definitely recommend this to my friends!

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    fast service

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    ordered my tourist card in advance. Their shipping is around 1 week so be advised for those who are in a rush!

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    Muy buena la información

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    Dan made necessary adjustments and followed up with my order so patiently

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    Great service. They sent emails once the order is placed and processed

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    Cuban Tourist Card was required prior to departure and was needed when leaving the country

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    Thank you guys for the service that you do!!

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    Definitely will order from them if I travel again!

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    Excellent service. really the website that we were looking for our trip

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    Some travellers like me chose to order online while (to be safe!) some who have more time on their hands may choose to obtain it on the spot, especially for those who make spontaneous travel plans. Good reviews on this website!

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