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Cuba Green Tourist Card

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All travelers can use Green Tourist Cards as long as they are traveling from a NON-US airport.

They are valid for visits of up to 90 days and can be used within 180 days of issuance. It’s possible to extend the Tourist Card for an extra 30 days (90 for Canadian citizens).

128 reviews for Cuba Green Tourist Card

  1. Javier Elosúa

    Reiteró que los datos están mal . Me llamo Javier Santamaría Elosúa y ya se lo hizo saber . Haber si por este error tengo problemas para entrar en Cuba
    La entrega ha sido lamentable .. el conductor me ha faltado al respeto por teléfono.. y no lo ha dejado donde donde yo quería .. vuélvanme a enviar otra tarjeta correctamente con el nombre y apellidos correctos ..

  2. Gianinna Mansilla

    can vouch for this site

  3. Jara Santamaria

    i’m definitely liking how prepared I am for Cuba travel

  4. Patricia Perales Pérez

    just knew the half is kept for entry and exit haahhah thanks

  5. Carlos Cruz

    i love it

  6. Maryna Iushchenko

    saved myself from worries for the preparation

  7. Rebecca George

    highly suggested to order rather than buying at the airport

  8. Juan Erices

    received my order and it was complete

  9. Emilia Gomez

    have a great week ahead! Sharing positive energy to everyone

  10. Beatriz Cabrera

    no other hassle when ordering. transaction go through fast just a click away

  11. Carlos Alonso

    I defnitely will order if I travel to Cuba again

  12. zakariae touzani

    I appreciate the follow up emails and update

  13. rabie nadi

    simple and easy transaction

  14. Mohammed Ibrahim

    this page can cater large orders! placed 10 and it went through

  15. Juan Alvarez

    insurance is available as well, a complete package i’d say

  16. Angel Bravo

    I like how easy this page is set up! No confusing ads and whatnot.

  17. Natalia Borreguero

    exclusive discounts are such a nice offer

  18. Mathis Guinsbourg

    got one for myself

  19. Arturo Hernandez

    shipping by ups was kinda delayed but I received the cards

  20. Katrins Arvelo

    a very nice page with quality services

  21. Maria del Mar Ares Yañez

    I ordered many cards for our group ang everything is well received. I got it timely and very efficient

  22. Christian Armas

    better to secure the cards before travelling

  23. Maria Sanchez

    delivered the same product as what I have ordered

  24. Nicolas Bribbo

    quality service. I highly recommend

  25. Benjamin Rose

    I approve of this website. Definitely will order cards from here if ever I travel again

  26. Melf Wesemann

    Thank you once again especially the shipper for fast shipment!

  27. Guillem Miró Mestre

    I like how there are emails that kept us updated throughout the whole process

  28. Carlos Zorrilla López

    I had doubts placing my order at first but I reached out to your customer service and everything is cleared up.

  29. Federico Zacco

    acquiring a tourist card before the flight is a must for me. Thank you easy tourist card

  30. Alice Wilkinson

    Helpful customer service! you can reach out to them and they would assist you well

  31. Jose Palomino

    I was looking at reviews before placing my order and tada! good decision

  32. Arturo Aranda

    provides good quality product

  33. Eduardo Esteban

    I got the exact number of card I placed

  34. Rosa Brillas

    Good quality, received with good packing

  35. Juan Bedoya

    materials for the card is good

  36. Juan Foix

    Bought 2 cards and I received them well

  37. Francisco Redondo

    This is the only website I saw that can ship to various countries.

  38. Sofia Gonzalez

    I love this website! has a variety of shipping couriers and very price friendly.

  39. Sara Varela Moreira

    convenience and hassle free process is the result i got for ordering in advance

  40. Raphaeli Meirelles de Faro

    You can have your card delivered anywhere if travelling. Just make sure to inform the customer service people so you can be updated

  41. Katherine Mortimer

    Legit site. Got my card delivered timely

  42. Eduardo Esteban

    delivered witihin a week

  43. Giacomo Bartolucci

    Good service

  44. Anna Bravo

    advantage of ordering cards is to make the process a breeze in the airport. no long lining up needed

  45. Valerie Grimoldby

    Quick and efficient service. I applaud your customer service for taking the time to update me through email!

  46. Pilar Hurtado

    I placed an order for the group and the process was very quick. Next thing I know the cards are already delivered within a few days!

  47. Sidharth Grover

    its better to place an order in advance through this webseite rather than going through the process at the airport. The only difference is the shipping fee but still worth it

  48. Jose Buil

    I’m thankful that the card came with instructions. Made it easier for me to understand

  49. Montserrat Almendros

    I can commend that this website is legit and provides quality service.

  50. Carlos San Martin

    ordered my cards here and it never disappoints

  51. Ana Navarro

    awesome job

  52. Maria

    Fantastic service, the cards were delivered in 2 days. Absolutely recommend them.

  53. Norocel Pressentin

    I like the quality of the cards.

  54. Paula Salamanca Canovas

    super affordable!! 5 stars for this!

  55. Jorge Martinez

    I love the availability of shipping in my country. highly recommended

  56. Juan Bedoya

    The cards are worth the price along with fast transaction

  57. Joaquin Mora

    I can definitely suggest this to my friends who are planning to travel to Cuba.

  58. Eddy Boutmans

    Thank you. Took the time to review your website

  59. Parsa Riahi

    got my cards on time

  60. Antonio Gonzalez

    I like how this website also offers travel insurance

  61. Guillermo Mestre

    received with thanks

  62. Victor Dacruz

    Placing an order in advance really made the process at the airport easier

  63. Maria Ramirez

    I received my card and it is well packaged.

  64. Valentina Lépez

    everything is okay. well assisted and updated

  65. Jana Morgenthal

    Parcel was well packed

  66. Norma Isela Isela

    convenient with constant update from the company

  67. Laura Cervantes


  68. Lourder Martines

    a good quality product

  69. Alonso Camacho

    I hope everyone would have a great week at work! Thank you for your diligence

  70. Italo marchesani


  71. Federica Molinari

    worth the price

  72. Maria Pérez


  73. Mirka Luoto

    This website is really suggested for individual travellers like me

  74. Salvador Lopez

    Worth the wait. Service takes about a week to arrive

  75. William Ray

    this page deserves to be shared to other travelers! Cuba is a nice country to travel to and getting the cards here is convenient

  76. Andrea Pegalajar

    time efficient

  77. Daniela Hernandez

    good for the price

  78. Anthi Nazarian

    Good service and the price is agreeable for me

  79. Alba Peña

    Shipping rates are kind of priced but just right considering it is international

  80. Francisco Marchan

    Ideal website. Can ship overseas with fast shipment

  81. Isabel Martínez

    outstanding job, I placed an order for my group and everything arrived well

  82. Mikel Peña

    Promotes convenience for us travelers

  83. Sarah Kratz-Wang

    Buying tourist card is preferrable and worth the price rather than going through the hassle during my flight

  84. Diamantoula

    the card is very useful at the airport

  85. Nikolaos Fotiadis

    VIsa is handy and convenient

  86. Stavriana

    great help

  87. Joan Carruthers

    I really love this website! So responsive and helpful

  88. Ismael Morán

    good and well package

  89. Phil Kawchuk

    Very responsive.

  90. Laurent Copin

    love it!

  91. Jose Ruiz

    made the trip less busier

  92. Emma Fuchs

    Awesome customer service!

  93. Karlis Ralfs

    Cards are well packaged and comes with a manual

  94. Jorge Rastrilla


  95. Falcon


  96. Noa Mor

    Such a helpful service I found online.

  97. Júlio Santos

    Serviço Impecável, Rápido e Eficiente na sua melhor expressão. Fiz a encomenda a 22 de Março (06 : 43) e hoje, 23 de Março (13:16) ou seja, 31 horas depois, a minha encomenda dava entrada na minha caixa de correio no Baixo Alentejo – Portugal. Parabéns!

  98. Itziar Peciña

    Ordering ahead is so convenient for my travels

  99. Susana HIdalgo

    I would definitely recommend this to my friends!

  100. Kevin Durrant

    Excellent Service!

  101. Marcos Llado

    fast service

  102. Diego lopez

    Dan made necessary adjustments and followed up with my order so patiently

  103. Arlene Tan

    Many thanks!

  104. vic

    xaxi pistaxi

  105. lehbib


  106. Alina Bider

    I would definitely recommend!

  107. Vera Steenvoort

    I got everything I ordered and in a very timely manner. the best!!

  108. Marine Fussman

    No complaints! thank you very much

  109. Rafael Romero

    You’re doing really good at following up with customers.

  110. Maria Rojo

    Highly recommended. I wish every website experience would be like this

  111. Doris Doberenz

    It arrived very quickly

  112. Gema Lada

    Great service. They sent emails once the order is placed and processed

  113. Ines Garcia

    Thank you guys for the service that you do!!

  114. Rita Tahiri

    Definitely will order from them if I travel again!

  115. Eduard LAURIJSSEN

    Excellent service. really the website that we were looking for our trip

  116. Lynda Jordan

    I inquired with Dan and he was very helpful

  117. Ignacio Ansorena


  118. Jessica González

    I hope I discovered this website sooner! Really nice and can ship worldwide

  119. Débora Farrán

    Provided great service with what I need and require. This really made my trip hassle free!


    Easy and Fast service

  121. Severino Gacia

    got my card delivered nicely

  122. Derek Stone

    Suggested website to order tourist cards. The process is seamless

  123. David Teffo

    Good work!

  124. Luis Humberto Huerta Rojas

  125. rodi


  126. Silvia Soria

    Made my travel much easier

  127. Evelyn Mcdonald

    This website is doing really great! Excellent service

  128. Botros

    Thank you

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