Cuba Tourist Visa for Americans: Facts Versus Fiction

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Traveling to Cuba can oftentimes be more challenging than traveling to other countries.

This is why it’s important to separate the fiction from the facts when it comes to what you’ll need to do to prepare for your trip, particularly when it comes to the Cuban visa process.


As travel to Cuba gets increasingly less cumbersome for Americans, there are more websites than ever before that claim to be the experts on obtaining a Cuba Tourist Card.

But what is claimed to be “fact” is not always accurate and it’s important to make sure the information you are being given is legitimate and up-to-date.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the most common myths about Cuban visas and the process for obtaining one.

Let’s make sure you can make sense of the facts versus the fiction before you visit Cuba.

Your Key to


Traveling from a NON-US airport? You’re in! Explore Cuba for up to 90 days within 180 days of issuance.

Myth: Americans can't travel to Cuba anymore.

Contrary to the misconception that Americans are barred from traveling to Cuba, the fact is that they can still definitely visit the country…and are encouraged to do so!

Americans are one of many countries where citizens can travel to Cuba by using what is referred to as the Cuban Tourist Card (or the Cuban tourist visa.)

To apply for Cuban Tourist Cards, citizens will have to have certain documents that are required by the Cuban government, but Americans are just as welcome to apply for these types of Cuban visas as anyone else on the list.

One difference for Americans is that the process is regulated under specific categories authorized by the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

These categories include such things as family visits, cultural exchange, and educational activities, among others. To understand how to get a Cuban visa in USA, it’s important to review the requirements and categories outlined by OFAC if you are an American planning to travel to Cuba. (For a full list, read more here.)

Myth: All Americans can enter the country on the same type of tourist visa.

While it’s true that Cuba is open to travel for Americans on a tourist card, the fact is that not all tourist visas are the same.

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A Cuban Tourist Card comes in two types: the Green Tourist Card and the Pink Tourist Card.

It’s crucial for anyone hoping to enter Cuba to know the difference.

Green Tourist Card:

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The Green Tourist Card is needed for anyone (including Americans) who is coming to Cuba from any country other than the United States.

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The Green Tourist Card is typically valid for a single entry and allows a stay of up to 90 days, with the possibility of extending for an additional 90 days while in Cuba.

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Travelers can purchase the Green Tourist Card for 39 USD on our website.

Pink Tourist Card:

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The Pink Tourist Card is for anyone traveling to Cuba from the United States.

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Even if you are not a U.S. citizen, you must apply for the pink card if you are coming from U.S. soil.

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The Pink Tourist Card is valid for a single entry and permits a stay of up to 90 days, extendable for an additional 90 days in Cuba.

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Travelers can purchase the Pink Tourist Card for 100 USD on our website as well.

This is no myth.. it's important for Americans to know which one tourist card to apply for, based on their situation:

Understanding the distinction between the Green and Pink Tourist Cards is essential for Americans planning a trip to Cuba.

Choosing the correct type of tourist card ensures that there will be no problems when you enter or depart Cuba.

Make sure you use a website like Easy Tourist Card to help you navigate the entire Cuban Tourist Card process.

Cuba Green Tourist Card

For US nationals or those departing from a US airport. Explore Cuba for up to 90 days within 180 days of issuance

Myth: You can get your visa upon arrival in Cuba.

Contrary to the myth that travelers can obtain their Cuban visa upon arrival, the reality is that travelers will need to have an official, physical tourist visa that they will present to immigration when arriving in the country.

Unlike some countries that offer visas on arrival, the Cuban visa, often in the form of a tourist card, needs to be arranged well in advance.

Applying for the visa is straightforward when you choose to do it at an online site like Easy Tourist Card. You’ll need certain documents, like a valid passport, your completed visa application form, the fee for your specific tourist visa, and proof of health insurance.

(Note: The Cuban government requires that all visitors to the country have health insurance upon arrival. If you need assistance with this, please visit our Coverage Page to learn more about how we can help.

Myth: Getting a Cuban Tourist Card visa is difficult and often takes forever.

Contrary to the myth that obtaining a Cuban Tourist Card visa is a complicated and time-consuming process, the reality is that it can be relatively straightforward and efficient, as long as you understand the process and work with a reputable online processing site.

Familiarizing yourself with the requirements for a Cuban Tourist Card is the first step.

As outlined above, you’ll want to make sure you have your passport (with an expiration date at least 6 months away), as well as your completed application form, payment for your fee, and proof that you currently have health insurance (or purchase it from us at check out.)

While some sites may not give you a specific timeline, at Easy Tourist Card our standard processing time is 1 business day and our cards are delivered in less than 1 week.

Myth: You can only apply for a Cuban tourist card one time. And it’s only good for 30 days.

While a Cuban tourist card will only allow you a one-time entry into the country, you are allowed to apply for one as often as you’d like.

You will need to go through the same application process and provide the same documents, but there are no restrictions on the number of times you can apply for it.

And while the rules for travel to Cuba are always subject to change, currently a Cuban Tourist Card is valid for 90 days.

Not only that, but you can also apply for an extension to those 90 days while you’re in the country.

Easy Tourist Visa: Your Place for Facts and an Unforgettable Cuban Adventure

While the process for applying for a visa can be a bit more cumbersome for a visit to Cuba, it will be well worth your while with Easy Tourist Card by your side.

For a hassle-free experience and expert assistance in securing your Cuban tourist card, start on our website.

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From a list of FAQs to plenty of blog articles about all things Cuba, Easy Tourist Card will give you the confidence to have the Cuban experience you'll never forget.

Don’t let myths hold you back! Your adventure begins with the right information and the trusted partner you will find in Easy Tourist Card.

Cuba Pink

Tourist Card

For US nationals or those departing from a US airport. Explore Cuba for up to 90 days within 180 days of issuance

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