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Cuba Pink Tourist Card

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Travelers can use this card if they are US nationals or anyone who is traveling from a US airport.

Pink Tourist Cards are valid for visits of up to 90 days and can be used within 180 days of issuance.  The Tourist Card can be extended for an extra 30 days while you are in Cuba (90 for Canadian citizens).

29 reviews for Cuba Pink Tourist Card

  1. Gavriel Elkind

    just placed my order with easy navigation. hope to receive it soon

  2. Jay

    order processed within the same day i placed my order

  3. Claudia Canelo

    complete order thanks

  4. Tricia

    Highly responsive and satisfactory

  5. George Hull

    thank you

  6. Miguel Oviedo

    many thanks

  7. Arnaldo Rodriguez

    So easy and no stress

  8. Amanda Lewis

    so thankful for timely shipping

  9. Ayda Bedregal

    Fast response and service

  10. Terry Benaryeh

    has all the service needed for Tourist Card

  11. Lakeisha McCoy

    Regularly followed up with emails and made sure I’m well updated

  12. Tiffani Kennedy

    parcel is well packaged and comes with instructions

  13. Emmanuel Ortega

    awesome work 🙂

  14. Richard

    Great website, will definitely recommend to others

  15. Ahimara

    Hassle free!

  16. Vincent Sclafani

    received my order

  17. Leydi Aguirre

    so helpful for travelers

  18. Sonja Sanjuan

    I love the service! Got my insurance here also

  19. Bobbie Grafeld

    Great service

  20. Jill Furlong

    So thankful I got follow up emails from Dan.

  21. Ronald Dick

    Very helpful

  22. Philip Bradley

    Highly recommended service

  23. Jennifer Saloma

    The page has complete answers to all my queries.

  24. Martin Laguna

    Easy and swift process

  25. Jesus Martinez


  26. Carla Marugan

    So accommodating and ships order fast

  27. Lucia

    Made my travel plans easy

  28. Bryant Gonzalez

    Splendid Service

  29. Jill

    Excellent service from “Dan” highly recommended, took the stress out of visa’s for sure!

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