Cuba Pink Tourist Card

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Travelers can use this card if they are US nationals or anyone who is traveling from a US airport.

Pink Tourist Cards are valid for visits of up to 90 days and can be used within 180 days of issuance.  The Tourist Card can be extended for an extra 30 days while you are in Cuba (90 for Canadian citizens).

345 reviews for Cuba Pink Tourist Card

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  2. smorter giremal

    I was suggested this web site by my cousin. You are wonderful! Thanks!

  3. Sherlie Thomas

    The Cuban Tourist Card made our entry into Cuba smooth and stress-free.

  4. Anonymous

    C. Williams

  5. courtney lahood

    The Cuban Tourist Card team truly understands the importance of good service and quality.

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    I’m highly satisfied with the Cuban Tourist Card service.

  7. Kevin Miller

    Grateful for the positive experience!

  8. kevin hislop

    A reliable choice for anyone traveling to Cuba!


    A bit higher pricing than other companies but very reliable, fast, and owner communicates through email within 1 hour of inquiry! This is our 3rd year ordering with the company! 5 star rating with our group!

  10. Linda Reynolds

    A hassle-free experience from start to finish!

  11. Kala Benton

    The quality of the cards was exceptional, and the efficient process saved us time and effort. A reliable partner for a worry-free travel experience.

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  14. Heidi Pinchal

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  15. Xiaofei zhu

    Our experience with the Cuban Tourist Card was fantastic. The service was prompt, and the card itself was of high quality.

  16. Courtney Draffen

    A reliable choice for hassle-free travel preparations

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  18. John Brown

    I received the card but thought that it would have been prefilled out because I provided all my information to you.

  19. Eduardo B. Pons Martinez

    From the user-friendly application process to the durability of the card, every aspect exceeded our expectations. Thank you for enhancing our Cuban holiday!

  20. Tuneca Lindsey

    Easy access and prompt delivery—couldn’t have asked for a smoother experience!

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    The process was straightforward, and the card itself was okay

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    The ease of obtaining the card coupled with its durability made it a standout choice for our Cuba vacation. Highly recommended

  23. Ryan Hofrichter

    Thumbs up to the Cuban Tourist Card team for their exceptional service and commitment to quality.Excellent!

  24. Amiel Williams

    The Cuban Tourist Card not only arrived on time but also the website provided an incredibly easy and seamless experience.

  25. Cecilia Carolina Larin

    The convenience of ordering online and receiving the cards on time simplified our travel planning.

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    Highly recommend for fast and good delivery service

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    Our experience with the Cuban Tourist Card was outstanding! The service was top-notch, and the quality of the card exceeded our expectations

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    From ordering to receiving the cards, the process was seamless.

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    I’m impressed with the timely delivery of our Cuban Tourist Cards. The user-friendly website made it easy to navigate and order, ensuring we were well-prepared for our trip.

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    It’s evident that they prioritize customer satisfaction. Thanks for making our travel preparations so convenient and efficient!

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    It’s refreshing to find a service that values both efficiency and accessibility. Our cards arrived just in time for a stress-free trip

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    Thoroughly impressed with the Cuban Tourist Card service. The website was user-friendly, and the delivery was prompt

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    Thank you for the speedy processing of my Cuban Tourist Card. Your team’s quick turnaround time not only saved me valuable time but also less worries

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    Quick service really shows high level of professionalism. Great job!

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    A big shout-out to the fantastic team behind this website. My order was processed so fast and arrived in good condition

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    The speed with which everything was handled exceeded my expectations.

  37. Rafael Francisco Jimenez Alcantara

    Very quick shipment! I am so glad they shipped so fast

  38. Rafael Francisco Jimenez Alcantara

    fees were higher which is a given compared to the embassy but the convenience of the online process made it worth it

  39. Daniel Gaul

    this made my process much faster at the airport.

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    my card was shipped empty and it has this paper slip for instructions!

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    easily accessible website. I can even order using my mobile phone

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    it definitely did not disappoint. Im so glad there was an option to my country

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    It is quite nerve racking at first to look for legit websites like this one. But from reading the reviews and blogs I was assured to place an order

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    I hope the slip would be packed with a sturdier envelope but it arrive in good condition

  57. Irlanda Paulino Paulino

    this online service is so accessible and nice! I also saw that there’s an international shipping

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    providing complete information during check out saves a lot of time so your shipment can be shipped almost instantly!

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    Some travelers, including myself, found that clearer information regarding the expiration date of the tourist card would be helpful. I found out that the tourist card does have any expiration

  70. Angelo Giger

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    I guess its really suggested for groups. As an individual traveler shipping cost alone is kind of expensive but if you are going to order as a group then you can definitely save on costs

  79. kevin h.

    You are a bit quick off the mark. I haven’t received the card yet. Send me the survey when it’s in my hand !!!

  80. Frida Mitchell

    the commitment this website has to keep everything up to date is commendable

  81. Makiah Jackson

    I appreciate the effort they put into providing educational resources for users. The website can be easily navigated for more information and frequently asked questions

  82. xiaofei zhu

    so happy that my orders were both delivered timely and complete

  83. James Weber

    I had to return the other card I ordered and order this one. Both arrived on time and it was also refunded properly.

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    Real-time updates and accurate tracking information with UPS make it easy for me to monitor the progress of my shipment.

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    this is so recommendable for groups!! They can definitely cater large orders and can ship within the day as long as you reach before their cut off time

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    I was a bit anxious about when I would receive it but I got it in the end!

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    It would be great if the shipping was lesser but its really nice!

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    good company. tho i hope there is a more faster option for internaitonal countries

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    my trip ended on quite a good note! Thank you for the tourist card!

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    as with any international trip, planning ahead is key especially when departing from US

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    doing such a good job! Thank you so much

  107. Anita Arnold

    travel requirements and processes can change, so staying informed and being prepared is essential for a successful and enjoyable trip to Cuba

  108. Nissan Genoun

    when returning to the US from Cuba, you typically surrender a portion of your tourist card. Make sure to keep the remaining part for your record

  109. Debra

    This website is an excellent tool for learners seeking more details on these topics.

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    Once you have it, get ready to enjoy your adventure!

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    Leaving the US with the pink Cuban tourist card was straightforward. Just ensure you have it ready when you go through security and immigration

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    I kept my pink Cuban tourist card secure with my passport throughout the trip. It’s a crucial document, so treat it like your passport! Of course looking forward to the trip

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  114. Bridgett Brown

    tourist card has no expiration so it is really worth buying in advance

  115. Cameron Buck

    If you find yourself wanting to stay longer in Cuba, be aware that you can extend your visa within the country. Contact immigration authorities for guidance. Another useful tip I saw on this website

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    As part of your trip planning, consider your health and safety. Ensure you have travel insurance which the website also offers!

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